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tv   11 News at Noon  NBC  February 20, 2013 12:00pm-12:30pm EST

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to fios quantum internet. plus, get $250 back with a 2-year agreement. or, get the free upgrade and great price with no annual contract. fios brings 100% fiber optic power right to your door. that's why it can deliver the fastest internet in the nation plus unlimited internet usage. don't miss your chance to get this incredible deal. visit today call the verizon center for customers with disabilities for america's fastest, most consistent, at 800-974-6006 tty/v. most reliable internet: verizon fios. [captioning made possible by constellation energy group] captioned by the national captioning institute >> you are watching wbal-tv 11. live, local, latebreaking. this is 11 news at noon. >> good afternoon. i am sarah caldwell. convicted murderer michael johnson wants a new trial. earlier this month he was found guilty of killing phylicia barnes, but his lawyers say the decision was flawed.
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jennifer franciotti explains. >> michael johnson faces a maximum sentence of 20 years in prison after a jury found him guilty of killing phylicia barnes. his defense team is asking for a new trial. lawyers argue misconduct on the part of the prosecution, much of the argument centering on main witness james mccray. during the trial, he testified that johnson called him and admitted to raping and tobarnes and told him that he needed help raping -- raping and killing barnes and that he needed help getting rid of the body. johnson's attorneys say that the jury was influenced to believe his testimony. baltimore city state attorney gregg bernstein says that the motion was not unexpected. >> after the verdict, filing motions for a new trial, that is pretty standard, and we will
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respond in due course. >> police commissioner anagony that -- anthony batts says that a review is underway about the department's use of guns and tasers. an officer accidently -- a training exercise, an officer axilla grabbed his service weapon. >> we are moving quickly to correct those to make sure that our employees are safe. >> major joe smith was introduced as a new director of training at the academy, which has resumed its academic duties. the trainee who was shot is recovering but has a long way to go. baltimore city fire officials have to double back in northeast baltimore to douse the same fire twice. the fire started at the 40's under block of green cross road around the night. firefighters were able to put
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out the flames, but the fire rekindled and reached two alarms. someone was living inside the home, but no one was inside at the time. no one was hurt in either fire. >> it is a cold weather pattern behind yesterday's rain and snow. we are seeing a little bit of sunshine today, but it is also very chilly. winds at 10 at 20 miles per hour. high temperatures today only in the mid-thirties. wind chills in the 20's. a few of you may see a couple of flurries still as we go through the afternoon. tonight it looks like the temperatures will be cold once again. >> all baltimore man faces six life terms in prison and 25 years for repeatedly rapinrapina 13-year-old girl.
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jurors found alvin wright guilty. he was linked to the crime through dna evidence. baltimore authorities say that their offices are being flooded with calls from women searching for answers in the case of dr. nikita levy. he took photographs of patients using a hidden camera at the top of this pended he committed suicide days after he was fired in connection with allegations. >> the question is, when he sets up a device to record a patient without their knowledge, by breaking the law, is he still within the scope of his employment? that becomes a factual issue for a judge to decide eventually in any lawsuit. >> hopkins officials said that the number of his patients have been notified, but the doctor treated hundreds of women.
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police have set up a hotline number for patients or anyone who has information about the case. 410-396-2269. oscar pistorius is back in court for a day two of his bond hearing. we are learning more about the night that the athlete allegedly killed his girlfriend, but we have had to wait another day to see if he will be released on bail. more on today's tearful court appearance, as we cover the world. >> today comes stunning detail could chief investigators say shey have witness statement from woman who said she heard fighting coming from the home. she lives nearly 2000 feet away. another witness claimed he heard gunshots and looked out his window to see the lights on in pistorius' home, and then hearing a woman scream two or
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three times, followed by more gunshots. police. steroi -- police found steroids. investigators say that pistorius would have had to walk out a 23- foot hallway and shoot at an angle from a distance of a five feet away. the bullet holes were high on the door, with a downward trajectory. pistorius says his legs were off. he says he woke in the middle of the night when he heard a noise and the bathroom. "i felt a sense of terror rushing over me, i felt extremely vulnerable. i knew i had to protect reeva and myself. i screamed words for him to get out of my house and then for reeva to phone police." i thought she was in bed." >> some of what we ever would
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not be admissible in attwell. this is only upon hearing -- a bond hearing. we still don't know when pistorius will be released. >> in unusual an emotional case tracked by the i-team. a disabled 68-year-old woman fights to remain part of the community. >> cracking down on hacking. i am hallie jackson in washington with more on what the
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>> the obama administration is expected to unveil new initiatives to put a stop to cyber stealing. hallie jackson has more on what we can hear today from our washington bureau. >> today the obama administration will announce it is going after countries which spy on the u.s. by hacking into our online systems. >> it is something we're working on constantly and we will take necessary measures to enhance our cybersecurity. >> the white house wants fines and other sanctions as part of a more aggressive stance on cyberattacks, especially those from china the news comes a couple of days after a firm linked to a chinese military units was accused of stealing
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secrets. countries spying on other countries online is nothing new, according to cyber security experts. but what is different about the china hack is the focus of u.s. infrastructure. >> that could give them leverage to either launch an attack or just have political leverage in knowing the vulnerabilities of our nation. >> officials in beijing and said they had nothing to do with the cyberattacks exposed, pointing out that china has been a victim, too. >> most of the attacks come from the united states. >> president obama signed an executive order to strengthen the cyber security by giving things like sharing more information. hallie jackson, wbal-tv 11 news. >> have you heard that the price to see a ravens home game is going up? how much extra cash you will have to shell out, and where the extra revenue is going. stern warnings from the
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pentagon. what is at stake if congress does not avoid billion dollar budget cuts. >> we are seeing lake effect snow showers downwind of the great lakes. cold weather and an active weather is here to stay. live look outdoors with clouds in place.
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>> grim warnings from the pentagon this afternoon. massive furloughs are pending for civilian employees if lawmakers don't avoid the sequester. with just nine days left, the president is continuing his own plea for negotiations.
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>> the fight over $1.20 trillion over across the board spending cuts is raging on even with lawmakers out of town. today it is the pentagon's turn to warn congress did more than 700,000 civilian employees would take one day off a week without pay. yesterday president obama blamed republicans for holding up a deal. he was surrounded at the white house by emergency responders that the president said could lose their jobs. >> these cuts are not smart, not fair, they will hurt our economy. >> the president wants to replace the cuts with revenue. house speaker john boehner say the revenue debate is closed. >> republicans are uncomfortable with these cuts, but they want to see spending cuts implemented. >> lawmakers are feeling the pinch. >> the american people are expecting us to be serious about this. >> a new deficit reduction plans
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he by erskine bowles and alan simpson would cut the deficit by $2.40 trillion over 10 years. >> both camps have got to get out of our comfort zone and make tough decisions. >> lawmakers are likely to call or changes to health care and social security and the tax code. at this point, it looks like we will pit the sequestered for a period of time. >> because those cuts which impact federal agencies, airport security lines could get a lot longer. airports across the country will see staffing cuts on march 1 if the federal budget cuts go through a schedule. employees in airport security, customs, and air traffic control would join those in the pentagon taking forced furloughs. office depot and office max are joining forces to combat hard economic times. the two have decided to merge.
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e max is a slightly smaller chain paid the two hope that the mergers will save both businesses and help them compete with staples. you'll pay more to watch your super bowl champion ravens play next season. they have confirmed they will raise ticket prices for the first time since 2009. prices will increase by 10%, meaning that prices will range from $62 to $140 a seat. thisthe team says that this is t an attempt to capitalize on super bowl success. the price increases will reportedly go to improving the stadium. >> i think it is fair. they put a good product out on the field. i was seven or eight years old
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when the ravens came back in 1996 and it saved me from having to be a redskins fan. >> if you don't want to go, don't go. watch it on tv. this is a well-run, prosperous franchise. >> the ravens say ticket prices will not increase in 2014. someone who won't have a problem covering those tickets, the winner of the megamillions. maryland lottery officials say a winning ticket was sold at a gas station in mount airy. here's a look at that winning numbers -- 1, 15, 19, 30 and 56, with a mega ball of 28. lottery officials have not confirm if there are winners in any other states but if not, the winner will take home $26 million. so far, no one has come forward. >> and now, your 11 insta- weather-plus forecast with ava marie. >> it sure is chilly out there,
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reminding us how it felt on sunday. the winds are picking up lake effect snow showers. you can see those down to lake michigan, indiana, ohio. the suppression of the way into pennsylvania. i saw a flurry at tv hill and the sun was out as well. it is a weird combination here. very cold temperatures right now. 20s in westminster. 20 degrees in an oakland. we have not changed much from this morning. this is basically where we are right now. strong winds continue to come in out of the northwest. 20 in annapolis. 25 to 30 mi. per hour across the lower eastern shore. you can see what it actually
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feels like rather than what the thermometer is telling us. this like the teen's towards the western suburbs. it is starting to feel like the single digits if not close to zero in garrett county. those areas will have to worry about that tonight as the wind chills become dangerously cold, a be dropping below zero in what is going to feel like ripley's bundle of if you plan to be out in the evening. it is the wind that is really going to get you. the winds in the evening will be at their strongest and then in a quiet down tonight. upper teens to low 20s as you step out into the suburbs, with mostly clear skies. we will see a lot of cold air in the area tomorrow. all this arctic air is spilling across the northern plains. all the mild air is getting pushed all the way down to the south. we are tracking this next potential batch of precipitation already producing snow across oklahoma and kansas as well.
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this will be pushing east and that is what we have to worry about the next couple of days. by friday, this could be a wintry mix. the storm system continues to move our way. the caboosit could produce a bit would free weather as well. until then, sunshine, not only this afternoon, but tomorrow as well. the bonds will be breezy but not as strong as today. stay with us as we keep you up- to-date on the potential friday and saturday. >> cadaver dogs are searching the rubble of what was once a kansas city restaurant following an early morning explosion. at least 14 people were injured when the restaurant went up in flames. one woman and an employee are still missing. it happened shortly after a construction crew working the area hit a gas line, but
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authorities cannot confirm that the two events are connected. >> it is important not to speculate, because that investigation is ongoing. we have reports that there odor of gas earlier, but the investigation needs to be concluded before we speculate. >> fire officials say that search and rescue operations may be slowed by heavy debris on the scene, which may need to be removed by machinery. the maryland house of delegates is nearing a vote on the controversial bill regarding pit bulls and their owners. the new proposal would shift responsibility away from landlords whose tenants keep pit bulls and put the liability on the dog owner. it is an attempt to allow dog owners to keep their dogs in the home, a growing concern after a report labeled the dogs and inherently dangerous breed and named landlords liable for any damages caused by the dogs. the house of delegates is
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scheduled to vote on the bill tomorrow. tonight at 11:00, the i-team tracks a lengthy and rarely go battle involving a woman named virginia. she cannot speak, but the emotional and at times bitter debate about where she should live this speaks volumes. deborah weiner has a preview of. >> chances are tonight's i-team report will deeply divided viewers. it involves a woman with profound intellectual disabilities and the debate over where she should live. for nearly 10 years, she has been at the middle of an emotional and bitter tug-of-war. where should it virginia live, and who will decide that? because she cannot speak, at two sites are speaking for her -- the state, which wants her, like hundreds, to live in a group home, and her devoted legal guardian, who some say wants to turn back the clock by returning virginia to an institution. >> don't you dare tell me where virginia needs to live. we're not looking at the snake
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pits of the 1940's and 1950's. >> tonight at 11:00, we followed this case for a month -- for months, and in the end, one side prevails. which side want and what it means for virginia. >> coming up, your maryland lottery numbers and another check of the insta-weather-plus forecast.
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yourself play. >> thanks for watching. >> have a great
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